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Elevate your event to new heights by choosing from our extensive inventory of top-of-the-line production equipment rentals. Our equipment is meticulously maintained and regularly updated to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. We take pride in providing professional grade equipment that seamlessly integrates with your event setup, allowing you to deliver a captivating and immersive experience for your audience.


AMS experienced technicians are also available to assist you throughout the rental process. We offer comprehensive support, from initial equipment selection and setup to on-site troubleshooting and technical assistance.

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Audio Equipment

Elevate your event with top-notch audio equipment for superior sound quality.

Video _LED copy.jpg

Video & Led Gear

Illuminate your venue with versatile lighting equipment, setting the perfect mood.

Lighting copy.jpg

Lighting Equipment

Transform your event space using state-of-the-art video & LED technology.

Drape copy.jpg

Add an air of sophistication with draping services that enhance your decor.

Rigging copy.jpg

Ensure a seamless event with expert staging & rigging solutions on hand.

Sfx copy.jpg

Create unforgettable moments through stunning special effects & pyrotechnics.

event services copy.jpg

Cover all your event needs with comprehensive tent & event services for any occasion.

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